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“Reality is in the mind of the beholder, so no more excuses…it’s time YOU create a better world!” – Ronnie Tsunami

“The beauty and fulfillment in life is not just in the learning that you experience during your journey…it is also in the sharing of everything you have learned with others.” – Ronnie Tsunami

About Ronnie Tsunami

Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Ronnie Tsunami is a learning solution architect, transformation coach and keynote speaker who helps changeleaders to make a bigger and faster impact in the world…tsunami-style!

With more than 25 years in the training and education industry, Ronnie has helped changeleaders (including coaches, speakers, authors, CEOs and more) to transform the lives of millions of people in business, technology and health and wellness around the world. His innovative learning solutions have been implemented in more than 10,000 academic institutions and enterprise organizations such as Microsoft, the US Air Force, NASA, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable), and PlantPure Nation.  To assist with creating lasting change, Ronnie has helped to develop local support communities for several different industries, such as IT and wellness, in more than 400 cities.

Prior to pursuing a career in training and education, Ronnie served in the US Air Force in computer operations.  He later worked as a network engineer for the Secretary of Defense and then as Director of Information Services for the Congressional Commission on Veteran’s Affairs.

Ronnie has earned multiple IT, project management and training certifications over the years, but recently has taken a more active role in health and wellness.  He completed a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University, served as Chief Marketing Officer for PlantPure Nation, and co-founded the Plant-Based Society.   Most recently, Ronnie Tsunami earned a Master of Theology and is also is a multi-award winning composer, keyboardist and singer for the Tsunami Wave Riders.

Ronnie now resides in Charlotte, NC, and is the CEO of Change Leader Solutions, LLC.

How Ronnie Tsunami Can Help You


If you need a keynote speaker, breakout leader, and/or a workshop facilitator, Ronnie Tsunami speaks around the world about how changeleaders, including individuals and organizations, can go bigger and faster in making a positive impact in the world.


If you are a changeleader wanting more help tailored specifically to your goals, Ronnie Tsunami offers several private coaching packages based on your needs and your budget including an hourly rate and volume discounts.  All coaching sessions are recorded.


If you need help building and/or marketing your products, Ronnie Tsunami and Change Leader Solutions have a team of experts in content development, branding, web design, marketing automation, technology, digital marketing and public relations.

Tsunami SuccessStories

“Ronnie has been a guiding light for Sara and I in so many ways. He inspired us to create The Vegan Warrior Academy and without his help we wouldn’t be where we are today.  If you’re an entrepreneur and are looking to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL, look no further. Reach out to Ronnie for help!Christopher August and Sara Oakley, Founders of the Vegan Warrior Academy

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