Combining the Brainstorming & Accountability of Masterminds with Expert Implementation Help to Launch Bigger & Faster

Are you a new changemaker that loves tapping into the power of brainstorming and networking with other changemakers, but also needs help implementing ideas?  Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on boring "cookie cutter" coaching programs and masterminds that result in "a lot of new friends" but not much else? 


The UnMastermind Difference

It seems like everyone seems to be promoting a mastermind these days, and there are some really great ones with amazing brainstorming sessions and accountability "hot seats," but they can also be very intimidating to new changemakers who are just getting started and are suddenly surrounded by people who have been changemakers for years and are well established.

Created and led by speaker and tech adviser Ronnie Tsunami, the UnMastermind is a 12-month program that provides new changemakers training on how to build a business or organization around a movement, as well as opportunities to brainstorm and network with each other in small groups (6 to 8 people) in a safe non-judgmental environment.  Members meet online via web video conferencing, and they also have access to an exclusive online community with chatrooms and discussion forums where they can brainstorm and network anytime and anywhere.  

For accountability, the UnMastermind takes things further beyond "hot seats" by creating a custom implementation plan for each member with the help of an experienced project manager and research specialist, who also provide ongoing guidance and support.  This is what differentiates the UnMastermind from a networking group, coaching program or mastermind - implementation support.  

The UnMastermind not only helps members to create a custom implementation plan, it provides expert recommendations on specific tools and experts that can help members execute the plan.   This allows UnMastermind members to focus their time and efforts on what they love to do and delegate everything else.  Yes....let that sink can finally do what you love to do and skip the things you hate.  Not a big fan of technology?  No problem.  We have the tools and "techies" to help.  Need someone to help grow and manage your social media?  We have social media managers who tweet in their sleep.  Need to turn your book into an online course?  We have learning solution architects who can help you convert it quickly from a $20 book into an online course or even a complete training program you sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the content and length.  Need more time and help from a virtual assistant (VA)?  We have access to networks of virtual assistants.  And if for some reason we don't have the solution you need, we will actually research and try to help you find one.  

You don't have to be on this journey alone any longer.  This is the UnMastermind.  

Brainstorming Sessions

Members meet online via video conferencing in small discussion groups with a facilitator, and they brainstorm together to help each other solve business challenges and come up with new ideas in a positive and safe environment.

Networking Events

Members meet online and in-person at networking events that are specifically designed to give members an opportunity to talk about their missions, causes and organizations, as well as find potential partners and/or clients.

Implementation Support

Each member receives a custom implementation plan with tasks, dates and recommended resources, along with ongoing support from a certified project manager and research specialist to help them reach their goals.

About the Creator of the UnMastermind

Ronnie Tsunami researches the latest business and marketing technologies so you don't have to.  

Ronnie Tsunami is a speaker and technologist specializing in "edutainment,"  which combines education with entertainment.  He's been helping ​changemakers and thought leaders in marketing and technology for over 25 years...helping them to overcome their fear of technology and make a bigger impact in the world by leveraging the power of the latest technologies to grow their movements bigger and faster...tsunami-style. 

Don't be fooled by Ronnie's fun-loving attitude and humor.  Ronnie served in the US Air Force in computer operations and later served as Network Engineer for the Secretary of Defense. He also served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a national training company managing the technology training programs of 150 colleges and universities. Ronnie's business and technology training programs have been implemented in over 10,000 academic institutions, companies and enterprise organizations around the world including Microsoft, the US Air Force, the US Army, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Time Warner Cable, NASA, PlantPure Nation, and many more.  In addition, Ronnie has developed training and education communities with over 2 million members in over 800 cities around the world in the fields of information technology, business, and health and wellness.  Recently, as the Chief Marketing Officer of PlantPure, he conceptualized and put together the PlantPure Summit, the largest web video summit ever held featuring 60 speakers over 10 days, as well as helped to launch a movie in over 100 theaters and on Netflix, and roll out a line of healthy frozen meals on Amazon and in hundreds of grocery stores.

The UnM​astermind is a 12-month program that is absolutely unique, because it includes:

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    BRAINSTORMING - 12 brainstorming sessions  (1 90-minute session per month) via web video conference (value $3600)
  • NETWORKING - 12 networking sessions  (1 90-minute session per month) via web video conference (value $3600)
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    IMPLEMENTATION HELP - A custom implementation plan for you developed with the help of a certified project manager and solution architect (value $1500) 
  • MEMBERSHIP & JV DIRECTORY - Online access to the UnMastermind Membership & JV Directory for finding networking and joint venture opportunities (value $2400)
  • RESOURCE LIBRARY - A library of marketing and technology templates, guides, ebooks, and presentations (value $600)
  • ONLINE TRAINING COURSES - Learn from experts anytime and anywhere via our self-paced online training courses and monthly training webinars (value $2400)
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    DISCOUNT CLUB- Exclusive membership discounts on marketing and technology services worth thousands of dollars including website development, social media management, program development, online courses and more (value $360)

It is not uncommon for business coaching programs and masterminds to charge anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 per year.  There are some that charge upwards of $80,000 to $100,000 per year.  

This isn't one of them.

The benefits of the UnMastermind are worth over $14K, but for a limited time, spots are available at an introductory price of $197/month for 12 months.  

Oh and one more thing...when you invite three friends who sign up, your membership is FREE!  

So if you are ready to join a community of fellow changemakers that love BRAINSTORMING and NETWORKING...if you want help with creating and IMPLEMENTING an action plan...if you want to start changing the world NOW...we invite you to JOIN US!