With over 25 years experience in delivery keynotes, seminars and workshops, Ronnie can deliver a presentation for your organization or event based on your specific goals.  Here are the top three presentations he does that are focused on helping organizations to effectively leverage marketing and technology.  Rates start at $10,000.  Please contact us if you have questions and/or interested in booking an event.

The Kiss of Tech: How to Embrace Technology to Accelerate Your Movement

Effective use of technology can help entrepreneurs to "do more with less," but it can be very intimidating. From using smartphones to the latest social media tools and digital marketing techniques, Ronnie demonstrates how ​changemakers and thought leaders can overcome their fears and embrace technology to grow their ​movements bigger and faster by increasing their increasing their credibility and visibility.

Rapid Pro Marketing (RPM): The Fast and Easy Way to Market a Movement/Organization

Ronnie Tsunami teaches a 5-step process for rapidly growing a movement by leveraging the latest digital marketing techniques including internet, social media and mobile marketing. This can also be conducted as a workshop where participants develop a custom digital marketing plan for their movement/organization.