Ronnie 'Tsunami' Gandiza

Helping to Grow the Plant-Based Movement to Improve Health, Save the Lives of Other Animals and Protect the Earth

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Seminars, Summits & Workshops

Ronnie 'Tsunami' Gandiza is a vegan motivational speaker inspiring people to transition to and live a fulfilling and purposeful plant-based lifestyle.  Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, his fun-loving island personality and message of how we are all connected, combined with his overwhelming commitment and passion for helping those who help others succeed, is why he is known as a "tsunami" to everyone who meets him.

As part of his efforts to help grow the plant-based movement, Ronnie is also a business coach helping plant-based/vegan entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations to build their credibility, visibility and sales while promoting the plant-based lifestyle.  As an innovator and trainer for over 20 years, Ronnie is well-known for his dynamic and entertaining speeches, workshops and seminars that have motivated and inspired thousands of entrepreneurs.  His business and technology training programs have been implemented in over 10,000 academic institutions, companies and enterprise organizations around the world.  

“This was the best conference (Success Tsunami) I have ever attended!!!!! The knowledge that I received was priceless not to mention the entertainment was phenomenal. I've never attended a conference with a balance of both. Thank you Ronnie for offering such a wonderful conference. The location, the speakers, the content and the entertainment were all superb. You rock Ronnie Tsunami!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Gina Lucas                 

Ronnie 'Tsunami' Gandiza has helped to develop, launch and market products and services for companies such as PlantPure, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Microsoft and Time Warner Cable.

His expertise in digital marketing (internet, social media, and mobile marketing) is always in demand due to the rapid rate of technology innovation, and his "island" style and approach to teaching and breaking down even the most complex topics is a hit with business owners who are feeling intimidated and overwhelmed.   

In 2016, Ronnie launched one of the largest online video summits ever on the Internet with 60 top experts on plant-based nutrition, lifestyle and healthcare including Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Michael Greger.  

Ronnie Tsunami hosts a 3-day workshop called Success Tsunami, which teaches product creation and digital marketing to entrepreneurs.

“Ronnie, you exceeded my expectations. This is the best marketing event I have ever attended. With an all-star lineup of speakers & entertainment, spread the word - there's a TSUNAMI of SUCCESS coming to a city near you.” 

 Paul DeBellis

Available Topics

Plant-Powered Tsunami: Accelerating the Growth of the Plant-Based Movement

People involved with plant-based nutrition understand the huge impact going “plant-based” has on public health, animal rights and the environment. However, there are many that feel the current pace of the plant-based movement is too slow and will not be able prevent the total devastation of the planet and its inhabitants. In this talk, Ronnie Tsunami discusses ways individuals and organizations can actively help to accelerate the growth of the plant-based movement and increase the number of people adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

Rapid Pro Marketing (RPM): The Fast and Easy Way to Market Products

Ronnie Tsunami teaches a 5-step process for rapidly marketing a product or service leveraging the latest digital marketing techniques including internet, social media and mobile marketing.  This can also be conducted as a workshop where participants develop a custom digital marketing plan for their business.

Traffic2Tribe: Increasing Sales Conversion Rates and Referrals

As covered in Ronnie Tsunami's RPM course, driving traffic to your business can be done through effective digital marketing techniques, but how do you convert that traffic into sales, testimonials and referrals?  In this seminar, Ronnie discusses ways to build relationships through social media, increase your sales conversion rates and referrals regardless of the type of product or service.

The KISS of TECH: How to Embrace Technology to Grow Your Business

Effective use of technology can help entrepreneurs to "do more with less," but it can be very intimidating.  From using smartphones to the latest social media tools, Ronnie demonstrates how to entrepreneurs can overcome their fears and embrace technology to grow their businesses bigger and faster.

Tsunami S.O.S. - The 7 Critical Survival Skills for Every Entrepreneu

Learn how to thrive as an entrepreneur through seven critical skills that will help you to "ride the waves" and stay ahead of your competition.  

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